Recreation in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Recreation goes far beyond the act we perform in Santa Cruz. All the history behind is reflected in those days and you can discover it too.

July 1797
Chronology of events

* Translation of the text by José Manuel Ledesma for the Diario de Avisos (25/07/2022).

Interactive map of the route of The Deed

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V. 21 The lookout of the
watchtower of Igueste spots
on the horizon a British fleet.
S. 22 Boats full of English try
disembark on the Bufadero beach,
but one spotted them farmer from San Andrés who was going to the recova
and alerted the soldiers of the castle of Paso Alto.

S. 22 Three English frigates approach the beach of Valleseco
and they take over the Mesa del Ramonal.


S. 22 A Spanish detachment occupies the Altura de Paso Alto,
facing the enemy.


S.22 - D. 23 During the night, the English become
to the sea and head southeast, getting lost
of view at the height of Barranco Hondo.


L. 24 The British squadron appears again, anchoring off Valleseco.
A frigate and a howitzer approached the coast
and they begin to shell the castle of Paso Alto.
The fort responded with the fire of its pieces.


M. 25 A British landing party heading towards the pier
and the Castillo San Cristóbal manages to reach the stairs of the pier
and disables the existing guns in his battery.


M. 25 They try to reach the Castle but, when they are rejected,
They make a detour and hide in the upper part of the Plaza de la Pila.


M. 25 They are discovered by the soldiers
of the Canary Islands Battalion,
they flee and take refuge
in the convent of Santo Domingo.


M. 25 The second group of boats,
in which comes rear admiral nelson,
due to the strong swell
her keels on the Alameda beach;
being hit by shrapnel fire from the Tigre cannon.
Nelson is taken to his flagship, where he is
amputated her right arm, at the height of his shoulder.


M. 25 Another group of boats manages to disembark
along the beach of La Carnicería
and go up the Santos ravine
until he also protected himself in the Dominican convent.


M. 25 Discouragement spreads among the English troops
and request to parley. Commander Samuel Hood is led
blindfolded to the castle of San Cristóbal,
where he agrees to capitulate.


M. 25 Sea captain Carlos Adán heads
to the British flagship, where Nelson is briefed on the conditions of the
Capitulation, to which he agrees.


M. 26 In the Plaza de la Candelaria to the defeated
British are given bread, fruit and wine.

Different armies take part in the recreation


More historical information

Aside from the content that you can read on our website, we have at your disposal more historical information that may be of interest to you:

Uniform of the Canary Islands Infantry Battalion during the English attack of 1797 on Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES)

Uniforms of the Provincial Militias of the Canary Islands during the English attack of 1797 on Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES)

Tribute and memory to the fallen during the English attack on Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES)

Military Historic Museum of the Canary Islands
Social Home of the Association of The Deed of July 25

In this museum the collections related to the Deed of July 25, 1797 are exhibited. As an introduction , in the lobby on the upper floor there is a large model of the city of Santa Cruz as it was at the end of the 18th century in which the story of The Deed is told, accompanied by lights.